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1Live animals and other edible animal products(16)
2Vegetable products(8)
3Prepared foods, beverage and tobacco(20)
6Plastics, rubbers and their articles thereof(9)
7Leather & articles thereof(1)
8Wood & articles of wood (including paper and articles)(26)
9Garment and materials(27)
10Footwear / gaiters / etc, headgear and parts thereof(35)
11Articles of stone / plaster / cement / asbestos / similar materials(19)
12Base Metals and articles thereof(96)
13Machinery / mechanical and home appliances(197)
14Electrical, Electronics and Office Equipments(50)
15Vehicles, aircrafts, boats and other means of transportation(7)
16Optical / photographic / cinematographic / measuring / checking / medical / surgical instruments(34)
17Furnishings: domestic, medical, office, lighting, holiday; prefabricated buildings(71)
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1Construction Services
2Distributive Services
3Tourism Services
4Transport Services
5Financial and Related Services
6Real Estate Services and Rental and Leasing Services
7Communication Services
8Business Services(5)
9Production Services(10)
10Education Services
11Health and Social Services(2)
12Environmental Services(1)
13Recreational, Cultural and Sporting Services
14Other Services(48)
Business News
·  Demand of import resins with high quantity (29/06/2010)
·  Seeking for Viet Nam companies to supply furniture products (19/11/2009)
·  A chance to Italian market (19/08/2009)
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Success Stories
“Promp effectiveness”: This has been acknowledged by enterprises after the Typical Model program via e-commerce application launched in Nam dinh province.
Tin tucA number of businesses in Nam Dinh have acknowledged the initial effectiveness of the Typical Model program via e-commerce application launched in Nam dinh province by Vietnam E-commerce Development Center (EcomViet) on March, 17th 2009.
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Email: support@ecvn.com
Person in charge: Nguyen Ky Minh
Tel: 844-22205351 - Fax: 844-22205507

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