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Monday, January 6, 2014

Benefits of Using Solar Composting Toilets.

Waste disposal is a major concern for most of the modern day homeowners. An enormous amount of waste is created on a daily basis by the ever growing human population across the world. Out of all modern and  innovative waste disposal methods, solar composting toilets are considered to be one of the more efficient alternatives.

Human waste can pose serious hazards to the environment, and one of the most effective ways to dispose them is to make use of solar energy in composting toilets. Solar composting toilets not only utilize solar energy, but also generates an end product that is an extremely efficient fertilizer. The process requires very little resources including a small amount of water.

The only difficulty in the process of constructing a solar composting toilet is probably the fact that it requires lots of space. Each of these toilets has a processing unit where the waste materials are converted into organic fertilizer. The processing units are found just below the toilet and consist of a solar collector and an air staircase. Though these two are adjacent, the solar collectors are located outside the building, and the air staircase is constructed inside. Organic waste discharged from the toilet is aerobically decomposed as it moves towards the air staircase’s end. Here, a separate chamber is constructed for the storage of the compost.

Aeration is done thrice during the compost storage period. The first aeration is caused by the heat resulting from the solar collector. PVC pipes are used for further aeration of the compost. Finally, aeration of the compost takes place for the third time when the moisture evaporates due to the passage of air within the storage chamber. Solar chimneys are sometimes used because the solar heat enhances the circulation of air and creates a natural draft of air. This air draft completely eliminates odor from the compost formed. It is important to add carbon containing organic substances to the chamber. This ensures proper air circulation within the compost pile. Depending on the toilet capacity,  the chamber must be emptied on a regular basis.

The most important benefit of using solar composting toilets is that their functioning depends only on solar heat. In general, treatment of waste materials requires a large volume of water. The use of solar composting toilets is highly recommended from the environmental point of view because it saves a huge amount of resources including water. The compost generated can be used as a highly efficient organic fertilizer.

Conservationists and environmental scientists around the world are recommending a widespread application of these toilets as a surefire step towards resource conservation and sustainable development. Call Anta Plumbing today to build your own solar composting toilet and protect the future of our planet.  


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Boy, 7, May Face Suspension after Imaginary Grenade Toss in Colorado

A Colorado boy faces suspension from school after hereportedly disobeyed a primary rule of the elementary school of absolutely noweapons whether make-believe or real.Plumbing reports on this incident regarding the boy in Colorado.

Make-Believe Weapon

The second-grader threw a make-believe grenade while at school. In the Friday incident that occurredduring recess, it is reported that after tossing the imaginary grenade he said‘pshhh,’ which was meant to show that the device had detonated.

The boy who spoke to KDVR.com, a Denver news station that reportedthe incident, said that he was playing at his Mary Blair Elementary schoolgrounds as a soldier saving the world.

“Rescue the World”

Alex Watkins says that the game he was playing was “Rescuethe World,” and he was the heroic soldier whose job it was to rid Earth of avery evil threat. As part of his duty, he tossed the make-believe device in abox that he pretended had the evil forces enclosed therein. The boy said thathe had been playing alone and did not make threats to anyone. The school inLoveland has listed ‘absolutes,’ which state that no weapons are allowed, even ifthey are only toys.
Calls to the elementary school to get the official positionon the matter were not returned immediately.  

Mandie Watkins, the mother of 7-year old Alex, toldKDVR.com that in her opinion the rule was not very realistic, especially giventhe age of kids in the school. She said that when a kid was trying in theirworld to save the whole world from evil forces then they should not be punishedfor this.
The boy, Alex, on his part said when he was making hisfinal remarks on the issue that he could not believe that he had actuallygotten "dispended." 

There have been many incidences ofschool shootings in the U.S which have led to the killing of many teachers andstudents alike. This situation has led to many schools and educationalinstitutions putting in place rules governing the carrying of weapons withintheir premises, especially by students. Weapons of all kinds have beenprohibited from school compounds in an attempt at curbing any such tragicincidents. However, some schools have been accused of going too far in theiractions and rules as this school is thought by many to have done. 

Meanwhile the gun debate continues andthe discussion on whether to regulate and restrict gun sales and promotions,especially for the military style weapons designed to kill many people at once.Atlanta plumbing hopes that nexttime, the boy will simply use the air in the box to represent all the evil inthe world.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Plumbing Bids for County Jail Rejected

The Randolph CountyCommission in Alabama has rejected, by vote, a plumbing bid that had been sentto it for the Randolph County Jail. Atlanta plumbers bring you plumbingrelated stories. We Atlanta plumberswork to keep you informed and entertained.

Complete Re-Plumbing

Commission Chairman, Lathonia Wright, said that he did notfeel comfortable having to put $70,000 into the county jail. On the other hand,he said that it was possible to reject the bid as the specs it turned in werenot for a full re-plumbing; but the contractorhad already bought fittings that had a cost of about $10,000.

In discussing what could be done now that the bid had beenrejected and some fixtures alreadybought by the plumbing company, Richard Fetner, a commissioner, suggested thatthe commission see what the company could return. If that were not possible,then the commission would have to work out an arrangement with the contractor. One of the suggestions wasto use the purchased fittings in the new county jail.

New Jail

Sheriff, David Cofield, said that the County Commissionwould possibly return the plumbing fixturesdirectly to the company and ask for a refund to be made. The sheriff said that forthe new jail he had wished to have more up-to-date plumbing fixtures installed. The commissionplans to build a new jail. It has approved the architects, who will conduct astudy that will assess the new jail’s needs. The cost of the study however, is notto surpass the $12,500 limit the Randolph County Commission has set. 

Alcohol LicensingReview Board

The commission also discussed having an alcohol licensingreview board, but this was rejected. The meeting of the commission was to makea decision on having such a review board to work in such county matters. Wrightsaid that they would be getting applications for alcohol licensing and that anycommissioner who had thoughts on the review board was welcome to share themwith the workshop. Wright stresses that the ultimate decision of the commissionhad to be consistent. 

Fetner said that in the end, the commission would beresponsible if anything happened and not the licensing review board. A motionthat the board be appointed was made by Terry Lovvorn, a commissioner, but themotion did not pass as no one seconded it.

Get plumberswho are professional in their work and who will perform their duties with careand work to give you the best service possible. You can trust your Atlanta plumbers to always get the jobdone right the first time, and at a reasonable cost.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Truth About Green Drain Cleaners

The buzz word these days is “green” whichmeans that we're all looking for new and different ways to make our world abetter, safer place for the next generations. And we can start saving theplanet simply by changing the cleaners and chemicals we use around the house...most of the time.

Green drain cleaners. Seems like this iseither a really great idea or a terrible one. So let's take a peek intoenvironmentally friendly green drain cleaners along with some do-it-yourselfways to clear a nasty  clogged drain.

How Do Green Drain Cleaners Work?

It's safe to say that using enzymatic draincleaners to bust clogs is a safer, more eco-friendly way to clean your drains.These green drain cleaners use either enzymes or bacteria that naturally feastupon organic waste; such as the things you'd find in your clogged drain (hairand food). These microscopic organisms work by digesting the waste in yourclogged drain WHILE reproducing, which means that these helpful bacterial thenspread throughout our pipes to continue their work. Originally, in fact, theseenzymatic drain cleaners were used to keep septic tanks and water treatmentfacilities.

What Are The Disadvantages Of GreenDrain Cleaners?

While green drain cleaners are much moreenvironmentally friendly, these drain cleaners do come with some disadvantages.Many stores don't sell these types of cleaners, which means you may have tospecial order them from the Internet. Also, these green drain cleaners don'twork as quickly as their chemical counterparts – it can take many hours toclear a clogged drain using these environmentally friendly cleaners. The lastdownside is that these green cleaners may not last as long as their chemicalcounterparts, which means that you shouldn't buy them in bulk.

DIY Drain Cleaners:

Because the world is full of people wholove to tinker around with homemade items, drain cleaners are no different. Andthere are types of drain cleaners you can make using ordinary householdproducts. These include:

Take half a cup of baking soda and dump itdown the clogged drain. Take half a cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain,too. Wait about fifteen minutes, then pour hot tap water down the drain.

Take half a cup of salt, half a cup ofbaking soda and pour the mixture into the drain. Flush with hot water.

Mix together equal parts of salt, bakingsoda, and vinegar and pour it down your clogged drain. Wait about an hour, thenpour hot water down the drain.

And if none of these eco-friendly tips andtricks manage to bust up your clogged sink? Don't hesitate to call aprofessional plumbers in Atalnta.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold Weather Affects Plumbers Jobs

Effectof bad weather on pipe systems

The bad weathercondition has made the jobs of plumbers in Atlanta more difficult this week. Theysaid that the increase in temperature is affecting the condition of pipes incommercial and residential buildings around the state. According to theplumbers, the freezing temperature could freeze the pipes and this condition couldmake the pipes explode resulting in leaks anywhere in the building’s pipesystem. In turn, the leaks could cause flooding and serious damage to property. 

Preventive measures for commercial building owners

Plumbers inAtlanta advises building owners to make sure to monitor the weather conditionin the next couple of days to allow them to plan ahead to prevent leaks andflooding in their buildings. They say it is best to make sure to turn off thewater system especially during the night when the building is not in use toprotect them from leaking incidents caused by the freezing of the pipes. Theyexplained that water could freeze under extreme weather condition. When itfreezes the pipes expand and could explode and could cause flooding in thebuilding. Another advice recommended by the plumbers in Atlanta is for buildingowners to ensure to turn on the heaters in their buildings most especially atnight when no one is in the building to monitor leakage.

Preventive measures for homeowners

Residentialbuilding owners are not spared from making these precautionary measures aswell. Plumbers in Atlanta said frozen pipes can cause flooding inside thehomes. However they say that this can be prevented. Some of the preventivemeasures suggested include covering the pipes with cardboard if the pipes areexposed. For pipes that are not exposed, plumbers in Atlanta advise homeownersto close cracks or openings near the pipes to keep the cold air away from thepipes.  They likewise say homeowners can openkitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to prevent their pipes from freezing as warmair inside these cabinets can protect the pipes from the cold.  

Recent water main break

Plumbers inAtlanta blamed the bad weather condition for the water main break that causedfloods on Clairmont Road in Chamblee, Georgia over the weekend. They say thatthe cold weather condition caused the ground to move causing the pipes to shiftand then eventually break. However, they say that the extreme weather conditionmay not be the only cause for the water main break. They say that the conditionof the pipes could be considered the cause of the incident stating that thecold temperature will not break the pipe easily if the pipe were still new andsturdy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Replacing Your Bathtub? No Problem!

Ah, bathtime. One of the best, mostrelaxing times of day. In your bathtub, you can relax and unwind, letting allthe cares of your day melt slowly into the hot water. During those hot Atlantasummers, you absolutely want to be able to use your bathtub to cool down, too!Bath time is so important, in fact, that you want the very best sort of tub youcan afford (and can fit in your bathroom!). Here are some tips for planning outa brand new tub to soak in!

Tips For Replacing Your Bathtub:

First things first, before you get allexcited and try to rip the tub out of the bathroom, you have to take a stepback, a deep breath and tell yourself, “slow and steady wins the race.” It'sthe truth, right? And the very last thing you want to do is to ruin your of abrand-new tub! Get a notebook and start planning.

Begin by measuring the tub down to thecentimeter. Before picking out a new bathtub, you want to make sure the tubwill fit in your bathroom.

Decide which fixtures you'll need toreplace. If you have a grimy faucet or a shower that sputters all over theplace, you'll probably want to look into replacements for those. Getmeasurements of ALL of these things so you know what you're up against!

Once you've done all of this, you shouldhead over to the home improvement store, pick out the items that you'd like foryour new bathroom. Be sure to talk to the head of the department so that youare able to purchase the correct items. Ask around to see what other tools a bathtubreplacement may need.

Now it's time to take out the old bathtub!Yay! This may mean that you have to remove other things in the bathroom, likethe toilet, or the vanity. If you're unable to, or afraid to, do this, go aheadand call a professional plumber from Atlanta to make sure that the bathtubinstallation goes as smoothly as possible.

When it's finally time to get rid of theold bathtub, you can begin with disconnecting the bathtub strainer, the bathtubdrain, and flange, and removing the overflow cover plate and any of the draintubing that may be anchored to it.

Take use a pry-bar and pry off any screwsor nails that connect the tub to the wall. Then use your pry-bar to pry the oldbathtub away from the back wall. Get your buddy and have him or her help youget the bathtub out of the space it's in and down to the garbage.

If, at any point, you see water leaking orany signs of water damage to the floor or walls, stop the project and call aprofessional Atlanta plumbers so that these professionals can assist you in thisplumbing job.

Before you put in the new tub, you're goingto want to fix up any damaged, cracked or missing bathroom tiles. Double checkthat all of the new components of the bathtub are going to fit beforeassembling the new drain and attaching it to the new tub. Then be sure to haveyour buddy help you out by putting the tub in the right spot and making surethe tub is level on all sides.

If at any time during the tub installation,you have problems or concerns about replacing your bathtub, don't hesitate tocall a professional plumber!

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